Friday, July 16, 2010

Owl Doodlin

Been in sort of a mild art drought the past couple weeks I guess, but managing to bust out a couple doodles here and there. This one's from yesterday. I decided to draw up a sort of basic standing pose of Owl because I realized the only decent one I have is pretty outdated. The anatomy is pretty botched but there are some details I feel pretty good about especially in regards to the legs. They're too long & sort of crooked but uhhhhhhhhhh oh well too bad!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WHEW sure have been busy the past couple weeks going to doctor and finding a new place to live and working a lot of hours????? So not much time to make sweet sweet art in between all that (and being lazy i guess???) but anyway managed to doodle out some stuff and do a few gestures the past few days so that'll have to do for now!

Gestures. I had a DA slideshow going and then some bad anime drawing popped up so I decided to do a "gesture" of it too lol.

Doodle of Touhou character Suwako. I don't really know anything about the series but she's a cute character so...

A character I made up on the spot to sort of draw alongside a friend's character. Look at those massively long legs wow. I think I went overboard trying to make her look tall & thin haha.
Quick little doodle I did in SAI of Corryn the lion goil. Standing around looking like a grouch as usual eueh.

A couple weeks ago I decided to start thinking more about the lives of my characters in terms of their history and future, in order to get a better feel of how they are outside of their "present". Basically I wanted to flesh them out, so this is my character Owl drawn as a 16 year old high school kid rather than the snot-nosed 11 year old boy he is in the present. I feel like I did a pretty good job keeping the character "real" through the aging process and also keeping him recognizable although obviously aged. Maybe it's easier for me to tell because I draw him almost every day, but anyway...

This post is full of a lot of pictures despite me saying I haven't done much art the past couple weeks.