Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Really been neglecting le olde blogge the past month, but I have excuses! Good ones! Kind of! Between packing, moving, unpacking, working extra hours, vacation, and attempting to incorporate more exercise in my life, I've been neglecting the computer more than ever. And this has led to my being considerably less productive since all my art is usually the product of a good old fashioned computer sit.

But it hasn't all been for nothing! I've done a bunch of doodles and given my artistic brain some time to rest and stop grinding gears about art for awhile. I've actually been tempted to do a painting lately and I think I finally have an idea (and all the right colors) for it. I'm really addicted to the sweet sound of my CTRL-Z so the thought of doing an honest to goodness painting, even if it's cartoony in nature, is pretty intimidating but exciting.

Anyway, I was able to sit down and churn out a little doodle tonight.

It's not the usual fare from me. Definitely has a more loose "caricaturesque" look to it, but that's kind of cool because while drawing it I wasn't paying attention to any of the things the tiny editor in my head was saying, I was just drawing & goofing around. Most artists get this I guess, just that feeling of being so mentally detached from art for a while that when you finally feel like drawing again, your repertoire of usual art tricks is gone and you just draw without thinking or trying to make any pieces fit your way. It's refreshing and opens the door for a new period of growth & understanding, until the cycle repeats again!

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