Monday, June 14, 2010


Here are some gestures I did at starbux today. I have random pose generator app from posemaniacs on my ipod so I can do some more interesting drawings than "man sitting at table drinking coffee" or "woman sitting at table eating scone" or the ever popular "2 people sitting at a table talking while drinking lattes". Anyway:

Two of these gestures have been turned into Rachael and Penny (My pal Mokou) for whatever reason lol. Anyway, I also spent some time doing a quick digital painting. I want to start getting better at it so that I can paint my own drawings, so I figured I'd combine figure study and painting for my first exercise since it's more fun than painting an apple or something (I'll do that later)

Obviously plenty of errors and things that can be fixed, but I feel like it's not too bad for an hour and like zero experience haha. Anyway I'm excited about doing more of that in the future! That's it for now!

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