Friday, June 11, 2010

Old vs New

SO the other day a friend of mine from years ago IMed me and suggested that we each pick an old piece of art to update. This idea seemed extra fun since we were friends back in the day & remembered seeing those old pieces when they were brand new anyway! So I picked a drawing for him and he picked this drawing for me:
That was drawn in like 2004 and I remember being proud of it for a really long time. Even still I am surprised at how much better it is than a lot of stuff I was making back then. The anatomy is terrible but there are some parts that look halfway decent. ANYWAY I decided to spend about 15 minutes in OC sketching up a redo and this is what I came up with:

Certainly not the best drawing I've ever done, but definitely a fun experiment! For me this ended up being less about the actual update in skill and more about just how I feel about the drawing in general. For example in the 2004 version it's a buff male wolf guy straight up holding a gun looking pretty boring also wearing ridiculous belts and stuff. The 2010 version is much more lively, a hot babe, and wearing ridiculous um... what even is that anyway lmao

Anyway I want to do a bunch more of these just because I feel that they're good exercises in sort of comparing my new processes to my old ones and thus sort of gaining a better understanding of the way I do things now. That way I can improve/change/etc and actually KNOW where I'm coming from rather than just sort of let my scribbles drift everywhere intellectually. Does that even make sense?

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